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Nous vendons des albums de musiques libres de droits de qualité sans redevance SACEM pour diffusion dans votre établissement et pour une durée illimitée


They appreciate our musical skills

Starkprod, royalty free music, sound design and custom-made-music

Welcome on Stark Production website, a royalty free music downloads library, original compositions and sound design.

We offer royalty free music library with various styles, which can be used as sound design for your different applications (Advertising, TV, websites, radio, multimedia, music broadcast in public areas, multimedia, telephone waiting, sound identity...)

If you need a custom-made music for a specific project, you will get your wishes - the custom-made sound design service has been created for you !

Do you want your clients to listen demos ? nothing more easy: select your tracks and we will send you as soon as possible the selected track(s) with intermittent beeps (preview). The tracks paid and downloaded are quality Wav close to CD quality.

Stark Production – Royalty free music broadcast

Stark Production offer royalty free music albums without any royalties for broadcasting in public areas (salon, establishment, restaurant, shop, hotel, …)

We sell music albums format mp3, Wav (CD at customer’s demand) of 60 minutes duration each album of quality music royalty free without any royalties in various styles: Relaxation, Chillout, Lounge… for broadcasting in your establishment and for an unlimited duration.


2 albums 85,00 €

14 albums 490,00 €

4 albums 165,00 €

16 albums 540,00 €

6 albums 240,00 €

18 albums 585,00 €

8 albums 310,00 €

20 albums 625,00 €

10 albums 375,00 €

22 albums 660,00 €

12 albums 435,00 €

24 albums 690,00 €

Thanks to send your orders by mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it in specifying the number of albums selected.

Upon receipt of your payment and as per your selection, the albums format Wav, mp3 (or CD on demand) will be sent to you within 48 hours together with the invoice and the broadcast licence.

Regarding the payment of the albums, our bank references (Name of the Bank, Account number etc..) to be given upon receipt of your order.

Payment can also be done with Paypal - Account: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Here below some music extracts of our productions.

Our albums for broadcasting are a compilation of tracks offered in our music Library: styles "relaxation" "chillout" "lounge" etc...

You have the possibility to make up your own albums (minimum two albums) by selecting in our music Library, in the various styles you wish, the tracks of your choice.

You just have to give us, when sending you order, the titles of the tracks you have selected for each album.

Have a good listening !